Why use Bio-identical Hormone Replacements?

Utah County's Premier Bio-identical Hormone and Age Management Medical Doctor
Turn your life around with a comprehensive hormone evaluation and treatment program from  Mountain Springs Family Medicine in Spanish Fork, Utah. Dr. Randy Lundell,DO specializes in integrating the use of bio-identical hormones, lifestyle/nutritional programs and the best of conventional medical treatments to achieve optimal health for his patients. We offer an integrative medical practice, using the most effective treatments from conventional medicine and natural medicine to restore health and vitality to our patients with hormone and age related health decline.

Our goal is to help you slow, stop and even reverse many negative physical and mental effects that occur with hormonal decline. Each patient receives a comprehensive appraisal of their health by Dr. Randy Lundell DO , a Board Certified Family Medicine Doctor.

This evaluation includes an extensive pre-appointment baseline assessment and blood test profile, and then 30 minutes or more meeting with Dr. Lundell. An individually tailored program is then created for each patient that consists of diet recommendations, weight loss programs, knowledgeable exercise counseling, selected nutracuitical supplementation and, if indicated, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. This multi-faceted approach restores vitality and health, reverses declines in physiological age and provides remarkable symptom relief for both men and women. We treat PMS, peri-menopause, menopause, low testosterone (andropause), and a host of other conditions that respond well to our integrative medical approach.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement/therapy, or BHRT, uses plant derived hormones that are molecularly identical to the hormones that our bodies produce: estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and others. Unlike synthetic hormones that are derived from animals or in test tubes and then modified by drug companies for patent protection and profit, BHRT is individualized, more natural and likely safer with fewer side effects. Since your body doesn’t produce synthetic hormones, laboratory testing does not show levels in the body of synthetic hormones. Levels of bio-identical hormones, however, can be measured, and dosages adjusted for optimal response.

The importance of proper nutrition and maintaining a normal body weight in the prevention of age related health decline cannot be over emphasized. Today you need not passively accept the inevitability of age related hormone and health decline. We believe that our comprehensive approach is the preventative medicine of the 21st Century, and the future of medicine. Our goal is to provide you with the information and the tools necessary to experience a measurable improvement in your quality of life.